The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

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Everyone deserves the chance to learn and thrive.
At Open Gate International, we provide that chance with vocational training, mentoring and employment to empower the impoverished, displaced, enslaved, and forgotten

Our mission is to represent the Oppressed, the Powerless, the Endangered and the Neglected (OPEN) by offering them Global Alternative Training and Employment (GATE).

Training and mentoring is at the heart of everything we do. Without sustainable life skills, the vulnerable remain vulnerable. By providing the knowledge, skills and abilities to obtain meaningful employment, we empower our students to develop a happy, healthy life.


The TILE Program At Life College

Transition to Independent Living and Employment

We believe that many young adults with intellectual disabilities can lead independent lives with the help of meaningful and ongoing transition support. To best foster this path, we provide an alternative pathway of classroom and community-based learning to achieve independence other than the post-secondary education and government programs available. Realizing this transition requires a holistic approach, Life College has designed a program contoured around the needs of the student to help them acquire the skills necessary to live and work independently in the community.