Orange County Health Dept Required Forms

The Environmental Health Division (EH) recognizes that there is a growing demand by aspiring food entrepreneurs to have access to the county’s local commercial kitchen facilities in order to make their products. It is the goal of EH is to make the sharing of a food facility by multiple businesses work smoothly, while ensuring that safe food handling practices are in place to protect the public’s health.

You must be a current client at The Hood Kitchen in order to receive our signature on the Shared Facility Review Packet. We will download the signed form to your account once you have paid the application fee.

Shared Food Facility Guidelines--This document gives step by step instruction on the permitting process along with when fees are submitted. It also includes additional references for them to get in contact with different agencies if their product/business requires it.

Shared Food Facility Review Form--Previously we had two different applications for Wholesale and Retail, this new form is a hybrid of both so we have the same form for every applicant. This form is the one our Agency reviews to get an overview of their operation. We use this form to help us determine if additional licenses from the State are need for their operation.

Shared Food Facility Agreement--Different from the Review Form, both the Primary (The Hood) and Dependent Food Operator need to sign this page. We will not review or permit the application without your signature. Your signature is your approval to us that the dependent can work out of your facility once approved.

Additionally, there is another form called The Limited-Term Production, it is used when a dependent will only be using the facility for one event or "job" for food production or storage for the event.

All these forms are now online, feel free to direct your clients to our website, where they will be able to locate the forms.

As previously discussed, this Agency will REVIEW the packet within 20 business day. Fortunately, the approval process has come within those 20 business days, but is not guaranteed.

Orange County Health Department

1241 Dyer, Santa Ana CA 92705